Anybodies’ Family – Meet Troy Footit

Anybodies’ Family – Meet Troy Footit

At Anybody Car Carriers, we are proud of our team. We’d like to show them off to you. This month, please get to know Troy Footit.

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A Bit of Background on Troy Footit

Troy started working for Anybody Car Carriers over 20 years ago! He started in 2024 when he was 24 years old. 

Jeff offered his very first apprenticeship to Troy, so Troy learnt from the Master!

Troy is a father of 2 and Grandfather of 3. A little birdie told us that he is ‘The Best Poppy Ever’.

Troy's Favourite Things About Working at ACC

I like the consistency of the job.

300th build celebration is nearing – I proudly worked on the 1st build and to see it now reaching close to our 300th makes me feel grateful (and a little old) to see all the changes over the years.

I enjoy the challenge of a specialty build, because it breaks up the week and enjoy the challenge of creating something from scratch.

I enjoy training the adult apprentices with a little more experience.

I’ve learnt so many skills over the last 20 years (too many to count).

I love the diversity of the jobs

It’s great to see all the changes within the company over the years – Designs, process of builds, staff, structure of the building we work in, making it more efficient.

I’ve enjoyed staying in the business as it’s a reliable company.

I find the staff and management friendly, helpful and understanding.

Over the last 20 years I have felt supported during my time here at Anybodies.

Work is conveniently close to home.

From becoming Jeffs 1st apprentice to now, its great to see Anybodies has grown into a successful company including the people I work with.

I am so grateful to still be working for an amazing business and wouldn’t have made this far if it wasn’t for my amazing managers Jeff and Tracy.

Why We Love Troy...

  • Excellent work ethic
  • Fast, efficient and is our quick man
  • Performs really well
  • Great asset to the company
  • Understands this trade very well
  • Troy can work with his eyes closed
  • Troy is now helping train one of apprentices on the floor
  • We value him very dearly
  • Troys nature is quiet, reserved.
  • Any odd jobs we give to troy due to his knowledge and figures it out
  • Any quick jobs we give to troy and gets it done
  • Turns up, shows up and causes no dramas
  • Never has sick days
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Would You Like to Join the Anybodies Team?

Would you like to work with Troy and the team at Anybody Car Carriers? 

Please feel free to contact us. We are always on the lookout for quality people to join us and expand our ever growing family.

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