A Peak Inside the Team at Anybody Car Carriers

Anybody Car Carriers

Not only do they turn out quality car carrier trailers, Anybody Car Carriers have a huge focus on building up their team. They ensure that the team are given maximum opportunities for self and professional development and create a respectful and inviting workplace.

How Anybody Car Carriers Started

More than 20 years ago, Jeff and his family were living in their shed while they saved to build their house when he started the business operating out of the same shed. So, his beautiful wife and four children lived and breathed trucks, tippers, car carriers and anything that rolled into the workshop for repair. His daughter, Olivia, recalls going to bed to the sounds of grinding and general workshop noise.

After teaming up with friend as a business partner, the business quickly outgrew the ‘workshop at home’ and the move was made to their existing premises at Burpengary. Initially, as Anybody Commercial Coach and Motor Body Builders, they would take on any truck body that a customer requested.

Excelling at the car carriers and coming up with some innovative ideas to improve them, the decision was made to niche into car carriers. Jeff bought out his business partner, shuffled the staff roles and launched as Anybody Car Carriers.

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A Day at Anybody Car Carriers

Kicking off the day at 6:30am, the daily huddle commences to make sure everyone is on point with what they need to do. Then the workshop starts to buzz. It’s all about building, fitting up and truck bodies taking shape to become the exact car carrier that the customer envisioned.

While the day in the workshop seems pretty serious as a result of working with some pretty heavy duty equipment and needing to stay on point with safety, there is lots of laughter and banter coming from the lunch room in the middle of the day.

Keeping true to form for looking after the team, at the end of the day, the workshop team are invited for a beer with the boss at 5pm. There is a one beer only rule, but they get the opportunity to interact with Jeff.

Car Carriers built from the ground up

Working on the Team

While building quality car carriers what the business does, it is the quality of the team that gets them there. This is one of those businesses where your workmates are your extended family. Jeff and the management team put the team first and make sure they are looked after. As a testament to what a great environment they create, Troy, who started as Jeff’s first apprentice in 2004, is still part of the family.

Anybody Car Carriers pride themselves on assisting staff to rise. They provide training opportunities for staff to build their skill sets and ensure that everyone is respectful of each other and support each other to perform well.

Rewarding staff for a job well done is part of the work culture at Anybody Car Carriers. The team is encouraged to meet targets with incentives such as a $500 gift voucher so coming together to work as a team to achieve targets becomes more than just a sense of pride. There is also an annual go-carting event where awards for ‘Most Outstanding Employee’ and ‘Most Improved Employee’ are issued.

For the first time, Anybody Car Carriers nominated for Apprentice of the Year Award through Tafe Queensland and are proud to announce that Andrew has made the finals. Look out for next month’s post to read all about it..

Join the Team at Anybody Car Carriers

If you have read this and feel that this is a work environment that you want to be a part of, Anybody Car Carriers are more than happy for you to contact them to express your interest in joining the team. They are always on the lookout for quality people to expand their family.

Anybody Car Carriers
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