The Car Carrier Manufacturing Workshop

Finished Car Carrier

So, a car carrier manufacturing workshop is not somewhere that I would generally hang out. Although since I’ve met some of the team at Anybody Car Carriers, I would be more inclined to do so.. they’re a great bunch!

What I love about working on client websites is that I get to peak inside all sorts of industries and really see what it is they do. It’s a unique experience since many of the industries are ones that I wouldn’t normally have anything to do with personally. Since my job is all about putting together a plan of what articles will appear on a client website, it helps if I have a good understanding of what the company does, how they do it and what makes them special. So recently, my colleague, Montie, and I got to have a tour of the workshop at Anybody Car Carriers.

After chatting with Tracy, the General Manager, about how a car carrier trailer build comes about and kind of understanding some of the components she was talking about, it was really interesting to see how that all flowed through the workshop and made some of that strange terminology make sense.

The Car Carrier Manufacturing Workshop Tour

Surprising at first, but totally making sense in the scheme of things, is that the first thing you see as you walk into the workshop are the car carrier trailers getting their final fit out. It quickly became apparent that since they were about to roll out the door, that was a logical place for them to be. Then as we moved further into the workshop, we come to the I-beams that form the first part of the car carrier trailer.

The rest of the workshop is divided into sections with a bay for the deck to be built onto the I-beams. Once the team in that section have finished, the trailer goes off-site to be blasted. On return, the trailer will go to the painting bay as soon as possible. On completion of the paint job, it will be delivered to where we started our tour, the front of the workshop.

It’s interesting that the only things that are done off-site are blasting and laser cutting of some of the components.

From two pieces of steel to a car carrier!
Car Carrier Manufacturing team

What Makes This Workshop Special?

As we proceeded on our tour, one thing to note was that each team within the workshop carried on with the task at hand, seemingly without even noticing our presence. Not because they were being rude, they just simply engrossed in their part in delivering a quality-built car carrier trailer and didn’t have time to stop and chat for chatting’s sake.

I asked Tracy what it was that made this workshop special. Without even thinking, she responded – ‘The Team’. She described how they all came together as family, they were all dedicated to each build, the company each other and to Jeff.

Just as Jamie, the Storeman, was walking past, Tracy called him in and asked him the same question. His response was just as quick as Tracy’s – ‘The people’.

I think that if we surveyed a few more of the staff we would get the same response from all of them. They really are a strong team or maybe ‘family’ is more appropriate.

Montie's Take on the Car Carrier Manufacturing Workshop

It’s amazing how it starts with two bits of steel! When visiting Anybody Car Carriers, I learned that starting with only two pieces of steel, the soon to be car carrier goes to different locations within the workshop, using a huge crane until it is complete!

I also learned that even small pieces like rams which are used to help lift the top deck can have a big effect on the operation of the carrier. It could even be adding a few inches to the height of the top deck that can make a huge difference in its safety and usage.

I really enjoyed my time touring the workshop. The staff at Anybody Car Carriers were lovely and friendly and always happy to have a fun chat.

It was great to see a team so happy to be working in a friendly environment with workmates, a team that really is like a family.

Could Your Next Car Carrier Be Lovingly Constructed Here?

I’m pretty sure that if I were in the market for a car carrier, Anybody Car Carriers is the place I would be going to. They use quality, Australian made materials, have a team that takes pride in their work and care about their customers well after delivery of the finished product. I’ll leave truck driving to my husband and since he’s retired, I don’t think I’ll actually require a car carrier, but if you do, I’d urge you to contact them and see what they can do for you.

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