Innovation at Anybody Car Carriers

Innovation at Anybody Car Carriers

From his humble beginnings of operating out the same shed that his family were living in while their house was being built, Jeff has always been continually looking for how truck bodies can be built to make the job easier and safer. Combine this with being up to the challenge of designing something unique that a customer requests and the result is some very innovative products rolling out of the doors of the Anybody Car Carriers workshop.

The Story Behind Some of the Innovation

The traditional 4-car carrier required ramps to get one of the vehicles to the top-deck and, depending on the situation, another set of ramps needed to span across the drawbar of the trailer that carried the 3rd and 4th vehicles. In addition, there was the set of ramps off the rear trailer to get the vehicle to the bottom of the ramps to get to the top deck. Once the vehicle was on the top deck, the operator then had to climb up onto the top deck to tie the vehicle down. This required handrails to maintain some aspect of safety.

One of the customers approached Jeff with a solution of a hydraulic top deck and a semi-circle end over the drawbar (to maximise the deck space) but without any plans of how that was to be achieved. This part was left to Jeff.


The Hydraulically Operated Top Deck

Jeff consulted with his mate Tom (a Design Engineer) and together they developed the design for the hydraulically operated top deck. Safety was a number one priority. The answer of how to make loading the top deck safer was to utilise hydraulic ramps to allow the top deck to be lowered so that it sits on the lower deck. The top deck can be lowered using a power pack with a push button located on the side of the cab frame. Now the car only needs to driven up one set of ramps and the deck is now at a level where it can be secured while the operator still has two feet on the ground.

Over the years, improvements have been made such as increasing the height of the arms to provide more room for the vehicle under the top deck and changing to a flat bar arm to provide greater inside width of the deck.

Anybody Car Carriers image of a semi circle end deck

The Innovation Doesn’t Stop There

Anybody Car Carriers continue to listen to the feedback they receive from their customers to fine tune each component of their car carriers. Regardless of the continuous improvement, they have certainly made the lives of their customers a lot easier and safer having built over 280 car carriers to date.

If you’re looking for a custom car carrier built by a team that take pride in their work and produce quality products, contact Anybody Car Carriers today.

Anybody Car Carriers image showing the top deck ramp on a truck
Anybody Car Carriers image of a truck with a ramp full of cars, while the truck is driving
Semi-circle End Deck

Designing a semi-circle end to the trailer deck proved a little more challenging than that of the top deck. There was only one trailer that had something similar that Jeff knew of, and he couldn’t get a peak at it. The drawbar had to sit under the semi-circle and the measurements of the semi-circle still had to allow the car carrier to turn effectively. Jeff finally crunched the numbers for it to work and set to work to build the car carrier trailer. The result eliminates ramps required to move vehicles over the drawbar and provides more space for the vehicle under the top deck.


Hydraulic Ramps

Since safety had already been greatly improved with the hydraulic top deck, why stop there. There was still the issue of manual ramps that needed to be hauled into place. While hydraulic ramps were in existence in the market, they were far from ideal. After much liaison with specialist in hydraulics as to how to run them without taking up too much space and then a lot of trial and error, Anybody Car Carriers now make their hydraulic ramps in-house. They still adjusted the ramps as they received feedback from their customers.

Anybody Car Carriers image of a truck with Hydraulic Ramps
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