Some Recent Work of Anybody Car Carriers

We have recently completed several different services at Anybody Car Carriers. If it’s got wheels, we can do something for it. Here’s a closer look at what some of that work was.

Featuring the Isuzu FSD 140/260. The wheelbase was reduced to fit 19 meters of body and trailer.

Body Changeovers

Let’s say you’ve custom-built a new body for that old beater you’ve had sitting around for years. The body looks great but the actual truck doesn’t run well or just isn’t going to work in the long run with your project. We can custom-build the truck you need and save you money by removing the body you’ve made and fitting it to the new truck. We’ll even pull out the paint and refinish it to look like new.


Car Carrier Bodies

Need to transport a few vehicles somewhere? We custom build two, three, and four-vehicle car carriers. We recently delivered both a three and four car carrier. We build these to last and add some great features. For example, the four-car design includes a top deck that is lifted or lowered by hydraulics. Each vehicle is secure and easy to access.

Chassis Modifications – Extensions/Reductions

Have you ever purchased a cab chassis that ended up being too long or too short for the truck body you are working with? Anybody Car Carriers can remedy the situation with either an extension (to correct a short chassis) or a reduction (to correct a long chassis). For engineered modifications to get your vehicle on the road, we can do that for you.


Custom Tray Bodies

Need a tray body that fits like a glove? Custom-built with the highest quality materials available in Australia, we can not only build what you need – we can design it to your specifications. There is nothing our car carrier manufacturer experts can’t produce for our customers.

Another Anybody Four Car Carrier added to our customers fleet. Looking mighty fine on the Mitsubishi Fuso.

Green with envy for this 3 car carrier.


Aside from building car carrier trailers, Anybody Car Carriers also offer mechanical service. Let’s face it, your truck won’t run forever without a little attention here and there to ensure it is running smoothly and continues to do so. That’s why we provide you with repair service.


Why Choose Anybody Car Carriers

That’s a fair question. If you are seeking a car carrier builder, you will want to work with one that has extensive experience in the industry and knows what their customers need. We have completed over 200 customized car carrier bodies. The majority of these are three and four-car carriers and we build them in-house. We designed a commercial car carrier frame with a hydraulic top deck and adjustable air bag suspension on the trailer. Plus, there are built-in loading ramps that just slide out when needed and hook out of the way.

Probably the biggest reason why you should turn to Anybody Car Carriers for your vehicle transportation solution is what we offer our customers. In addition to top-quality products, we know the industry well so the advice we offer is reliable. We also listen and respond to the needs of transport operators who work hands-on with car carriers daily. If your needs require additional add-ons like winches, extra lighting, or mini turntables, we can custom-build the car carrier to incorporate all of these things and whatever else makes the job easier on you.


What Is It About Our Car Carriers?

We start with a standard pattern. Then we add the custom parts but not just any parts. We consult with you to learn how you use your truck, what kind of vehicles you move, and what accessories would make your transportation trips easier for you. With this, and more data about the requirements you request for your new custom car carrier, we set out to create what will be the most incredible commercial car carrier you have ever seen or used. It currently takes about a month to complete a single car carrier but that is because we pay attention to detail.


Top Quality Customized Car Carriers

We strive to maintain high customer satisfaction and to date, the over 200 custom car carrier builds we have completed have brought us a lot of positive feedback. We take what our customers say seriously and work hard to keep them happy with the product they order from us. If you are in the market for a car carrier, contact us today at Anybody Car Carriers. We custom-build one, two, three, and four-car carriers. We also provide expert advice, truck repairs and maintenance, and other bodywork. We are Anybody Car Carriers – the guys who make customized car carriers of all sizes to fit the needs of the car transportation industry.


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