What Car Carrier Body Do I Need?

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There are several different types of car carriers. Each design addresses a certain kind of transportation need. They also vary in size from small units that can access areas with restricted room to large carriers that transport many vehicles in a single load. Some of these car carriers have the capability of hauling up to nine vehicles making them an affordable vehicle transportation solution. 

Let’s take a closer look at the types of car carriers currently on the road today. 

The two main categories of car carriers are open and enclosed. As the names suggest, one is open to the elements whereas the other is completely enclosed with walls and a roof. Each is used for different vehicle transportation situations.

Single Car Haulers

A tow truck is a single-car hauler. It is equipped to connect a single vehicle on a winch device that lifts the front two wheels off of the ground and permits the vehicle to use the rear wheels in a manner much like a trailer pulled behind a larger vehicle. A single-car hauler can be used to move any type of car, operating or not, for short distances. One reason for this is that the vehicle has exposure to the elements so getting it to a nearby destination is what makes this type of hauler effective. 

Open Car Carriers

These are the long-haul car carriers you see frequently on the road. They are designed in such a way that any type of car can be carried ranging from new to vintage and from project to salvage vehicles. The way this type of carrier is loaded is interesting. A vehicle can be driven up ramps to a position on the carrier where it is secured in place. Vehicles that cannot run under their own power can be winched into place.

Open car carriers come in many sizes. In the United States, for example, open car carriers can easily transport between two and nine vehicles at a time. Double-wide carriers were commonplace in China where up to 30 vehicles could be moved at once. However, safety concerns led to restrictions where only 12 cars can be transported at a time now. It is still quite amazing to see that carriers have design elements allowing them to carry so many vehicles in a single trip.

Enclosed Trailers

If you are transporting a high-value vehicle, your best solution is an enclosed trailer. That is because the vehicle is hidden from view. With an enclosed trailer, an expensive collector or vintage vehicle can be moved discreetly. Plus, it will be safe and protected from potential damage from being exposed to the elements. These types of car carrier trailers sit closer to the ground making vehicles with low clearance easier to load and unload. A winch helps to load a vehicle that does not run.

Enclosed Multi-Level Carriers

This type of commercial car carrier is much the same as the open car carrier except for it being enclosed. The walls and roof protect vehicles from the elements and these types of carriers are common at car shows, automobile auctions, and other events that involve a high volume of vehicles on display. Just like typically enclosed trailers, an enclosed multi-level carrier offers safety, and protection, and can move several expensive or vintage vehicles in a single trip.

You Can Get A Customized Car Carrier 

Now that you know what kinds of car carriers there are, which do you need? You may find it easier to just connect with a car carrier builder and have them create a custom carrier to transport your vehicle. Anybody Car Carriers is a car carrier manufacturer. They can build a customized car carrier for you. Whether your needs are for an open or enclosed style, the professionals at Anybody Car Carriers can build what you need to help you get your vehicle where it has to go. Contact them today for details. 

In Conclusion 

There are many different types of car carriers. They range in size and design with each type serving a particular purpose. Open designs are ideal for transporting vehicles shorter distances as they do not protect them from the elements. Enclosed car carriers provide security, and safety, and allow for discreet transportation of valuable collector or vintage vehicles keeping them in good condition for the duration of the ride. Plus, these are suitable for long-distance hauling. 

To be sure you have the right kind of car carrier for your needs, contact Anybody Car Carriers. Not only can they advise you on the right carrier for your vehicle, but they can custom-build one just for you.

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