What to Expect at Anybody Car Carriers

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What to Expect at Anybody Car Carriers

The majority of customers contact Anybody Car Carriers by phone. The conversation generally starts off with either “I’ve just been talking to … about getting a car carrier and they said to go to Anybodies, don’t go anywhere else” or they tell the team that they’ve been scoping out one of the car carriers and got the details off the mudflap. So new customers are generally aware of the product when they contact Anybody Car Carriers and have a good idea of what they want. Other customers are return customers requiring another build as they add to their fleet as their business grows.

The Customer Journey at Anybody Car Carriers

There can’t be a car carrier without a truck, so the first discussion with a new client is all about the truck they have or are going to purchase. The discussion includes the make and model of the truck and wheelbase. If the customer is yet to purchase a truck the team at Anybody Car Carriers can give them contact details for dealers that will look after the customer.

Once the details of the truck are sorted out, the discussion moves to exactly what the customer requirements are for their custom-built car carrier. The team then proceed to draw up a quote for the build. If the customer is happy with the quote and ready to proceed, a deposit is paid and the customer enters into a build schedule. The team at Anybody Car Carriers work with the truck dealer to ensure that the truck will be 

delivered on time. The customers are generally still working their other trucks, so this process is deliberately kept simple to minimise the effort the customer needs to put in to get the build underway.

The timeframe for a build from start to finish can vary greatly depending on the availability of the truck and the complexity of the build. For a customer that already has a truck and only requires a simple build, the turnaround time could be as little as a week. Other builds can extend over a few months particularly where the customer doesn’t already have a truck and they need to organise finance for both the truck and the car carrier.

The team at Anybody Car Carriers are proud of their builds and strive to ensure they deliver exactly what the customer wants. The customer interaction during the build phase is as much or as little as the customer requires. The team are happy to send progress photos as the car carrier comes together or the customer can just leave them to it until the build is complete.

They always deliver quality products and have many satisfied customers. The customer journey doesn’t end when the car carrier has been delivered but continues on with the after service care that Anybody Car Carriers provide.

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The Car Carriers

Anybody Car Carriers build 2, 3 and 4 car carrier combinations. They are built tough using Australian steel and are easy to operate. As they are custom built, there are a range of optional extras available to make each car carrier fit your car carrying business.

OHS has been factored into the build of the top decks for the 4 car carrier combination. It is hydraulically operated using a power pack with a push button located on the side of the cab frame. This means that cars can be loaded and secured while keeping your feet on the ground. The deck is raised also with feet on the ground.  Your car carrier can also be fitted with hydraulic ramps that are again operated via push button maintaining operator safety.


Need a Car Carrier? Contact Anybody Car Carriers

If you need a car carrier for your business, contact Anybody Car Carriers today. With more than 20 years of experience, the team at Anybody Car Carriers will ensure that the car carrier you want will be the one you get. Your customized car carrier will be built tough to handle our sometimes rugged roads and will be safe to operate. So if you’re in the market for a quality car carrier, contact Anybody Car Carriers today.

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